Some people think it’s messy and dirty, to us MUD is fun, MUD is exciting and MUD is what we need to do what we love to do all summer long.



We are the North West Mud Racing Association, an approximately 34-year-old non-profit racing association. Years ago, our founding members put on a suits and ties, (what a transition from redneck to white collar) and took their hobby to Victoria and turned it into a recognized professional form of motorsport. We hold races across BC, both self promoted and as a sanctioning body, and for race sites that are promoted by others. We provide a safe family event for our spectators with 8 classes of competition racing. From street stock pickup trucks, to the blown alcohol “Big Boys” – and everything in between. Whether you come out to satisfy your need for speed, or you’re there to cheer on your local buddy in street class we offer something for every level of spectator.

Our half time autograph session has become one of the most popular segments at a North West Mud Racing Association sanctioned event. The race vehicles and drivers are gathered in the common staging area at half time, with free colour posters available to fans of all ages. The drivers are only too happy to autograph the posters and you will never meet a friendlier group of guys and gals. We encourage a “hands on” approach with our fans, so kids – don’t be afraid to ask you favorite racer for a picture inside the cockpit.

We run 200ft long, side by side mud pits and at most of our race sites we are also able to incorporate “Pro Pits” for our blown alcohol classes. The “Pro Pits” are not as deep as the regular mud pits; they are highly groomed, moderately watered and smooth. These pits allow our top guys the opportunity to lie down some extremely fast, crowd pleasing times in a safer pit. The races are a two day event of approximately 4 to 5 hours per day.  Sometimes we are able to incorporate a bog pit, which is highly entertaining as the competitors try their best to make it through a very deep and gooey pit.

It is an atmosphere of camaraderie between all the competitors that makes our club so fulfilling to our members. This attitude is seen by our spectators and is reflected in the quality of racing that we put on. We take great pride in providing a venue, where both the extreme (2500 horse power) big boys and the local street trucks can participate and not feel out of place or intimidated. We know from past experience that some of the participants start out with a stock pick-up or Jeep in street class, only to end up a few years later with a paddle tired, high horsepower, blown alcohol, fire breathing dragon on their trailer (much to their wives chagrin).